The Impressive Lens in the Hit Shows

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Have watched so many movies, TV shows and music MV, I’m quite fond of following several shots, because they are the most simple and gorgeous.

This lens from Taiwan idol drama "Frog Prince", tells the story of the hero Shan Junhao encounter an accident before engagement. Subsequently get amnesia and met heroine Ye Tianyu. His new name is Tonghao. There happened many stories between him and Ye Tianyu. However, Shan Junhao forget the heroine after recovery of memory, then ready to get married with the heroine II, meanwhile doing something humiliating to Ye Tianyu. Ye Tianyu found that she fell in love with Shan Junhao rather than his money after losing Tonghao. In order to save their love, Ye Tianyu has made lots of efforts, finally they stay together.

The picture shows Shan Junhao and Ye Tianyu final paragraph dancing together. Besides story, I especially like the heroine’s evening dress which belongs to dark purple bridesmaid dresses. Although she doesn’t emerge in front of everyone like other TVs’ heroines wearing domineering floor length evening dresses, the pink evening dress also highlights the heroine's goodness and purity. The prince and Cinderella met the ball, either long formal evening dresses or floor length evening dresses, as long as suitable for the princess temperament.

These two pictures come from the America country music singer Taylor Swift's song "You belong with me" MV. This is a very touching story, because it’s from our life. The heroine has the same school boy next door, but the actor has very beautiful girlfriend, actress always want to express love to the boy, but the heart is inferior.

A school football game, the hero wins, but did not receive support from his cheerleader girlfriend, eventually lost to leave. In the evening, the actor asked heroine to attend the ball game victory celebration, actress changes ferial nerd style, beautifully appear at the party, eventually they stay together.

Every time I see the MV, I love this classic scene, the actress wore white deep purple bridesmaid dresses style appeared in front of the actor, Cinderella can also have the princess style after some modification. This skirt is simple, although not belongs to floor length evening dresses style, but still support the actress pure and natural temperament.

This picture generate from the hot movie "Small age 2" at present, the heroine Gu Li in order to save the family business and her boyfriend, dressed up to attend the actor and other wealthy woman's engagement, and ultimately success.

Before this screen shot, we have seen the figure with a bit of wearing open back prom dresses style, but when Gu Li exposes her face, we see her dressed in aggressive floor length evening dresses figure. Even if this dress belongs to floor length evening dresses, it has slightly difference that its skirt floor part can be taken down.

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